Prolific artists tend to have spurts of mass creativity and in the process a bunch (like a literal ton) of ideas never make it past the archival realm. For work hearty artists like Jean-Sebastien Audet aka Un Blonde, aka Faux Fur, etc…. many ideas never see the light of day – Continue reading

New Music: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Multi-Love”

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.24.05 PMUnknown Mortal Orchestra has put out his first track since 2013’s critically praised II. “Multi-Love” is much more polished with Ruban Nielson modifying the low-fi production that fans grew to love and has heavily effected his signature guitar style. A step away from the expected, “Multi-Love” is a fantastic push forward showcasing Nielson’s ability to reconfigure what we know about R&B music and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Multi-Love is out via Jagjaguwar on May 26th, 2015.





-Rob Leonard

Relevant Noise: Small Wonder

a3556908290_10Small Wonder’s Wendy is one of those rare instances where music can complement life’s most beautiful moments perfectly. What Henry Crawford has done is encapsulate the pure essence of musing: fear, desire, desperation and – above all – hope. Though his cogitations may be small (pun-intended), their implications burst from the shackles of limitation and expand beyond conventional horizons. Understand, this is not Top 40 drivel, but the product of passion and ambition. Simply put – though it might be clichéd to say – this is the kind of stuff made for the ending of the summer’s biggest indie hit. Here, I’ll set the scene for you:

Interior, old beat up car – who gives a shit about the make or model. You and your estranged girlfriend – complete with short, color dyed hair – are coming home from some weekend getaway. The night is old and the sun begins to rise. “Thank god” you say to yourself, exhausted. Then to her “your turn to drive.” Only, she doesn’t answer. There, in the passenger seat, she’s in the midst of a sleep too deep for the minds of the greatest philosophers. You note that her face exhumes tranquility as you begin to contemplate what dreams may come her way. Clearly – in such a state of bliss – they must be pleasant. Smiling to yourself, you come to the only logical conclusion: “It’s only a couple more hours anyway.”

As Lost at Highway plays on the tape deck, you pray those hours don’t go by too quickly.


– Luke Amick

(Tracks to look out for: Wind Let Loose, Ball Lightning, and Lost at Highway)

Murder By Death Premiere “Send Me Home”

Certain death is an absolute.


Murder By Death have understood this throughout their career – from an album-stretching pissing match with the devil on Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?; allusions to Dante’s Inferno on In Bocca al Lupo; to the whiskey-soaked death of morality of Red of Tooth and Claw. Continue reading