Album Review: Max Basic, “I Sell The Future”

Max Basic I Sell The Future
(Chill Mega Chill – July 20, 2015)
(Pop, Indie Rock)
Review by Rob Leonard

Cue the eye rolls, Max Basic is…… well…. not basic. Full of charisma and attainable likeness Sell The Future brandishes counterpop as Ryan Dolliver channels not so future artists Phil Collins, Human League, and Mr. Sledgehammer himself Peter Gabriel. At 6 tracks Sell doesn’t give you too much time to think about what’s happening – a well concocted pop album relying on nostalgic sentiment and a self awareness that’s aware of  it’s own uncertainty, “What have I done for you to remember me?… Muh…Maybe that’s not the point” and “No matter how much I try/Just don’t know if it’s gonna work out.” There’s an attitude and swagger akin to the embellished personality of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy as Dolliver frequently breaks whatever music’s equivalent to a fourth wall is, “I got a kid who tells me that he wants to be free…. but I know it’s… I know it’s just what he heard from somebody,” the lyric from “Drug Talk” is just one example of this inclusion.

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New Music: Indie/Minimalist/Pop – Broken Twin “Glimpse of a Time” from upcoming release ‘May’ out April 29th

Broken Twin creates soundscapes that will move your soul as her melodic and relaxing vocal style floats above the beautifully simplistic production. The use of basic instrumentation and an evident desire to shy away from robust arrangements makes Broken Twin a fine unicorn for the modern age. The songwriting is strong and ideas finely implemented. Who needs gimmicks when you have a voice so full of lonesome emotion and the piano chops to back it up? Simply put when you are able to convey the breadth of your emotion with just a voice, the instrumentation can only be accepted as accompaniment. Broken Twin’s May will be released April 29th via Anti-. Listen to “Glimpse of a Time” below.

-RL, Can I May I

New Music: Pop – Architecture in Helsinki “Dream a Little Crazy”

Architecture In HelsinkiArchitecture in Helsinki have released the track “Dream a Little Crazy” from their upcoming release NOW + 4EVA out March 28th, 2014. But this isn’t the first track since 2011’s Moment Bends, they have also released “In The Future.” Check out both tracks below. Tell us which you prefer. I am digging the restraint that AIH shows in “In The Future”, although I hope that they incorporate the spastic arrangements that in the past have gotten them in trouble with some of the larger music review sites.


-RL, Can I May I

Prince: The fan’s Artist


In recent years Prince has gained a reputation for having issues with the piracy of his music and videos of his concerts.  You may remember in the news a couple of years ago Prince requested Youtube take down a fan video of him performing a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep.’

Funny enough Radiohead gave the OK to keep the video up since it is their song and they wanted it up.

The trend with these cases seems personal, almost always being targeted toward fan sites or fan footage from a concert.  Prince’s latest beef doesn’t appear to be any different.  Filed last week Prince V. Chodera the defendants are being accused of “massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince’s material.”  This time however he is asking for considerably more money, requesting 1 million per accused.

Seriously Prince…just wow.

One would think an artist who was listed in Forbes 2012 top 10 richest musicians would have better things to do with his time.  As expected, fans are upset with the most recent news with many of them sharing their disapproval publicly on a popular web forum  One irritated fan stated, “Prince will be remembered for making some of the most beautiful music ever created and for hating his fans.”

Could not have said it better, friend.

-JM, Can I May I

New Music: Pop – Kylie Minogue “Into the Blue”

Look, I am not much for covering pop, not because I have an issue with the sound but because I believe that there is an abundance of great music that deserves coverage. But, when it comes to Kylie Minogue I will share this chicks music all day, I mean all day. Check out “Into the Blue” at the link below.