Murder By Death Premiere “Send Me Home”

Certain death is an absolute.


Murder By Death have understood this throughout their career – from an album-stretching pissing match with the devil on Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?; allusions to Dante’s Inferno on In Bocca al Lupo; to the whiskey-soaked death of morality of Red of Tooth and Claw. Continue reading


New Music: Rock/Alternative – Merchandise “Figured Out”


Spacey and Bruce Springsteen-ish, Merchandise are streaming their track “Figured Out” on Soundcloud. Merchandise just recently signed to 4AD and I wouldn’t be surprised if an album is completed sometime this year. Check out the track below.











Rob Leonard

Vintage Music: Terry Callier ‘What Color is Love’

Terry Callier is not recognized for his voice or lyrics but more for his ability to incorporate jazz, folk, and soul into intricate arrangements. His signature album What Color is Love was released in 1972 and contained the hit “You’re Goin Miss Your Candyman.” Listen below to “You’re Goin Miss Your Candyman” and “Until Tomorrow” a dense track incorporating harps, horns, shrills, and strong afro rhythms.

Rob Leonard

Recordings from Space constructed into musical arrangement


This interesting vision came from the mind of Domenico Vicinanza and resulted in quite a stunning duet.  He is a trained musician, who happens to have a doctorate in Physics.  Read more at The Guardian or just hear it for yourself.

“I wanted to compose a musical piece celebrating the Voyager 1 and 2 together, so used the same measurements (proton counts from the cosmic ray detector over the last 37 years) from both space crafts, at the exactly same point of time, but at several billions of kilometers of distance one from the other” stated Vicinanza.

-JM, Can I May I