Album Review: Max Basic, “I Sell The Future”

Max Basic I Sell The Future
(Chill Mega Chill – July 20, 2015)
(Pop, Indie Rock)
Review by Rob Leonard

Cue the eye rolls, Max Basic is…… well…. not basic. Full of charisma and attainable likeness Sell The Future brandishes counterpop as Ryan Dolliver channels not so future artists Phil Collins, Human League, and Mr. Sledgehammer himself Peter Gabriel. At 6 tracks Sell doesn’t give you too much time to think about what’s happening – a well concocted pop album relying on nostalgic sentiment and a self awareness that’s aware of  it’s own uncertainty, “What have I done for you to remember me?… Muh…Maybe that’s not the point” and “No matter how much I try/Just don’t know if it’s gonna work out.” There’s an attitude and swagger akin to the embellished personality of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy as Dolliver frequently breaks whatever music’s equivalent to a fourth wall is, “I got a kid who tells me that he wants to be free…. but I know it’s… I know it’s just what he heard from somebody,” the lyric from “Drug Talk” is just one example of this inclusion.

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