NoParticularOrder: Hopscotch Day Parties 2015

NoParticularOrder: Hopscotch Day Parties 2015
Article by Rob Leonard


Eureka California – Athens, GA
Saturday September 12 @3pm – Ruby Deluxe


Eureka California hail from the Southeast’s other indie hub Athens (in conjunction with Greensboro, NC and NC’s Triangle). Their latest full length, Crunch, is riff heavy and super nostalgic punk. Check out their latest single, “Happy Again” above. Check their day show out, it’s sponsored by Riot Act Media.

Guardian Alien – Queens, NY
Thursday September 10 @4:30 – Kings Barcade

For a band that recently posted about playing at a few yoga studio sessions you’d think that they’d be super chill and ethereal – well while they have those capabilities Guardian Alien also have the ability to put together intricate and ‘meta as fuck’ ruckus.

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NoParticularOrder: Things to See at Hopscotch Music Fest 2015

NoParticularOrder: What to See at Hopscotch Music Fest 2015
Article by Rob Leonard


SMLH – Hillsborough, NC

SMLH is the solo project for Hillsborough native Sam Higgins and tops CanIMayI’s list of things to see at Hopscotch. Written to tape and drenched in nostalgia, SMLH produces meaningful and timeless rock and roll.

Leapling – Brooklyn, NY

Insanely refined and low key experimental, Leapling is the product of songwriter Dan Arnes. Arnes vocals are intimate and soft, adding the to ethereal vibe of what Leapling offers.

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NoParticularOrder: 25 Albums to Check Out – 2015 mid-year

NoParticularOrder: 25 Albums to Check Out
Article by Rob Leonard


Waxahatchee - Ivy Tripp
Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp

Slated to be one of the more memorable albums of the year, Ivy Tripp belongs to everyone but belongs to no one. We’ve all felt the extremely detailed feelings that Katie Crutchfield puts on display – relatively straight forward songwriting but the minimalist appeal is what allows the unavoidable spaces to highlight Crutchfield’s “over-it” semi-anxious lyricism.
Notables: “Breathless” and “Stale by Noon”

Free Clinic – Wait it Out

Wilmington’s own Free Clinic is a brash and energetic blend of riffy pop – at times surfy and other instances you might hear a bit of The Strokes, the opening to “Off My Rocker” is a perfect example. Mildly self-deprecating and under appreciated these sounds remind you that the garage is still the best place to piece together tunes.

Notables: “Better” and “Sappy Talk”

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Top Ten Albums of 2014

Can I May I’s Top Ten Albums of 2014  


10. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Pinata
Stand Out Tracks:












9. St. Vincent S/T


Stand Out Tracks:

“Digital Witness”


“Birth in Reverse”













Stand Out Tracks:

“The Weather Song”

“Pleasant Heart”

“Today More Than Any Other Day”









7. Sharon Van Etten Are We There

Stand Out Tracks:

“Taking Chances”

“Afraid of Nothing”

“You Know Me Well”







Second Half 2014 Albums to Check Out

We gave you our First Half of 2014 Albums to Check Out back in June and here is a follow up for the comparable second half of the year. As you immerse yourself in year-end lists, take a chance to review some albums that may have gone less noticed and check out some stuff that we enjoyed. Make sure to check back on Friday, December 19th, 2014 for our Top Ten Albums of the Year. 


25. Generationals Alix

24. Hiss Golden Messenger Lateness of Dancers

23. Modern Vices Modern Vices

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ET Anderson songs from Best to Slightly Less Best

Every once in awhile your friends will do awesome things and when they do awesome things you want to take part in it no matter how small your contribution. From ET Anderson’s Et tu, ______? a list of songs ranked from Best to Slightly Less Best. 


1. Acid Earlier/love thy neighbor

2. It’s Not The Same

3. I Do Not Mind

4. It Don’t Even

5. i’m gross

6. Legs

7. Things You’d Do


Download the album here and check them out November 21st at New Brookland Tavern

-Rob Leonard