Hopscotch CODA: From the Lens

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Hopscotch: Day 2



We were in a coffee shop earlier today. Hardly recognizable within the collage of freshman-year-graphic-design band fliers was an event schedule for the month of September.  Wednesday, September 8th read: “Hopscotch: Mental Preparation Day.” I hope it was enough to brace the employees for the onslaught of hipsters (and awesome).  Continue reading

NoParticularOrder: Hopscotch Day Parties 2015

NoParticularOrder: Hopscotch Day Parties 2015
Article by Rob Leonard


Eureka California – Athens, GA
Saturday September 12 @3pm – Ruby Deluxe


Eureka California hail from the Southeast’s other indie hub Athens (in conjunction with Greensboro, NC and NC’s Triangle). Their latest full length, Crunch, is riff heavy and super nostalgic punk. Check out their latest single, “Happy Again” above. Check their day show out, it’s sponsored by Riot Act Media.

Guardian Alien – Queens, NY
Thursday September 10 @4:30 – Kings Barcade

For a band that recently posted about playing at a few yoga studio sessions you’d think that they’d be super chill and ethereal – well while they have those capabilities Guardian Alien also have the ability to put together intricate and ‘meta as fuck’ ruckus.

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NoParticularOrder: Things to See at Hopscotch Music Fest 2015

NoParticularOrder: What to See at Hopscotch Music Fest 2015
Article by Rob Leonard


SMLH – Hillsborough, NC

SMLH is the solo project for Hillsborough native Sam Higgins and tops CanIMayI’s list of things to see at Hopscotch. Written to tape and drenched in nostalgia, SMLH produces meaningful and timeless rock and roll.

Leapling – Brooklyn, NY

Insanely refined and low key experimental, Leapling is the product of songwriter Dan Arnes. Arnes vocals are intimate and soft, adding the to ethereal vibe of what Leapling offers.

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Prolific artists tend to have spurts of mass creativity and in the process a bunch (like a literal ton) of ideas never make it past the archival realm. For work hearty artists like Jean-Sebastien Audet aka Un Blonde, aka Faux Fur, etc…. many ideas never see the light of day – Continue reading

New Music: Indie/Experimental – Hundred Waters “Cavity” from upcoming May 27 release

The new single “Cavity” from Hundred Waters is empty but of course it totally fulfills what we expect from one of the most creative and talented groups currently in the music scene. Just like on their previous album release the track relies heavily on digital aspects that will more than likely be performed to the tee, exemplifying Hundred Waters intricate performances. “Cavity” is the single from Hundred Waters upcoming but for now unnamed release out May 27th. Listen below.





-RL, Can I May I