Legal Free: Various Tracks by Auckland Soundscaper Sun Blood

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.38.06 PMSun Blood (or SUN BLOOD or sun blood) is Auckland, NZ soundscaper Ben Leonard. Sun Blood weaves spacial textures over electronic percussion that satisfies the listener’s more organic needs. Although Sun Blood seems to lack a prolific online presence, Ben’s focus is on quality not quantity. Below are a few tracks to get you abreast of his rising talent.
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Legal Free: Indie/Experimental/Pop – Steve Sobs “Ugh”

Steve Sobs - Ugh

Strophic in nature Steve Sobs “Ugh” sets to illustrate the listlessness present in the title. Neither happy or sad, someone sits in a parking lot somewhere or maybe even on the beach as the sun falls from sight. The instant nostalgia those moments create is tethered deeply within the melancholy chords. You’ll feel things (haha, things) but the ambiguity of the emotion can sit either in the happiest of times or the saddest of times. I’m a fan of repetition and maybe you are too. Heavy Hearts is out May 13th, 2014 via Waaga Records. Check out the track below and download.













-Rob Leonard

Legal Free: Indie/Pop/Rock – It Looks Sad. “Seasons”

Straight outta tha Cakalak, these guys have been on our Legal Free feature before with the track “Racoon”. “Seasons” is a track with interpersonal distention that comes with the more awkward aspects of love in the early stages. Hop on these guys because their track “Radical” was featured on Pitchfork recently, yea awesome, right? “Radical” = The Cure but other similarities are in the vein of bands like Cymbals Eat Guitars, Surfer Blood, and Beach Fossils. Listen below to “Radical” and “Seasons” but go ahead and show some love and download “Seasons” here. 






-Rob Leonard

Legal Free: Indie/Folk – Saintseneca “Happy Alone”


Columbus, OH natives Saintseneca will release Dark Arc on April 1st via Anti- Records. “Happy Alone” projects polished folk rock lyrically proclaiming that an obstacle has left the narrator alone, happy and alone. Check out the track and video below or download via Bandcamp.












Rob Leonard

Legal Free: Progressive Rock/Jazz – Euphone “Broken Gourd” from 1999’s ‘The Calendar of Unlucky Days’

Euphone was/is the master work of Ryan Rapsys desire to create progressive jazz while delving deep into his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse musical interest, specifically intricate rhythmic styles. Although Euphone later became a duo, Ryan Rapsys would compound all of his abilities into a one man live show focused around a drumset, vintage keyboard, and sequencer. “Broken Gourd” is from Euphone’s 1999 release The Calendar of Unlucky Days download “Broken Gourd” here. (right click link and save as)







-RL, Can I May I