Prolific artists tend to have spurts of mass creativity and in the process a bunch (like a literal ton) of ideas never make it past the archival realm. For work hearty artists like Jean-Sebastien Audet aka Un Blonde, aka Faux Fur, etc…. many ideas never see the light of day – on August 29 Audet released ALL THAT HASN’T SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY  a collection of puzzle pieces, as the name suggests, that never made it beyond the initial creation phase. Many of the sounds are tapered in the same fashion of Un Blonde’s Water the Next Daydisjointed and empty rhythmic soul. There’s a decent amount of sample play woven throughout – are they found sound? or did Audet self sample? either way the blend of sounds creates a distinct archival and ambient collage reminiscent of Eno. The chaos is met with some more cohesive elements at the 3:06 mark in the vain of a Water the Next Day scrap track and again with the silky acoustic piece at the 10:51. The culmination of ideas feature warm tape fuzz and some solid psych funk vibes at the end.



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