Murder By Death Premiere “Send Me Home”

Certain death is an absolute.


Murder By Death have understood this throughout their career – from an album-stretching pissing match with the devil on Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?; allusions to Dante’s Inferno on In Bocca al Lupo; to the whiskey-soaked death of morality of Red of Tooth and Claw.


Big Dark Love, the band’s seventh album, will seemingly swim in the same waters. One death they’ve never truly captured, however, is that of a loved one. “Send Me Home,” the album’s first single does just that, and damned if it isn’t a tear-jerking beauty.


Frontman Adam Turla croons, “Every morning I plant my shaky feet/ On an earth so hard and mean/ Bodies broken, systems fail/ You care for me to no avail/ No reward, no it’s not fair/ And I’d be on my way if I wasn’t so damn scared.” As the song’s narrator cries for death, he also understands the hopeful absolution that it brings, “Whatever comes, it’s mine and mine alone.”


I, for one, believe we all need that kind of peace.


Big Dark Love is set for release on February 3rd (just in time for V-day) on Bloodshot Records.

Pre-order @


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