Album Review: Hermit’s Victory, ‘Hermit’s Victory’

Hermit’s Victory S/T
(Hearts and Plugs – April 7, 2015)
(Alternative, Indie, Pop, Lounge)
Review by Rob Bockman

Charlestonian Tyler Bertges’ first album under the moniker Hermit’s Victory, a self-titled full-length, is already one of the strongest albums of the year to come out of the Southeast—a golden-ratio fusion of analog songwriting and digital production. Bertges, a self-proclaimed songwriter over performer, seems to favor tightness over showiness, which creates an incredibly united aesthetic palette. Synths and sparse instrumentation give Hermit’s Victory an almost chillwave vibe, but rather than the somewhat detached groove chillwave imparts, Bertges’ music is warm and longing. Continue reading

Legal Free: Psychedelic Folk Rock – MMOSS ‘i’

Before the mass “all hands on deck” movement of psych rock revival, MMOSS were quietly creating insanely dynamic psych out of New Hampshire. Now we know Tame Impala made the final necessary push in a decade long resurrection started by bands such as Caribou, Deerhunter, and Of Montreal but MMOSS showed us just how widespread the psych takeover reached. MMOSS released ‘i’ in January of 2011 and is an early project of psych soundcrafter Doug Tuttle. Doug has had some recent successes with his 2014 self titled album being streamed via Spin and a performance via Daytrotter. Check out (and download) below and check out MMOSS’s November 2012 release Only Children here.

-Rob Leonard

-Rob Leonard

Legal Free: Hip/Hop – Leather Corduroys ‘Season’

Chicago based duo Leather Corduroys have released a curious album filled with references to Kanye, NERD, and modern club bangers. Almost as if it were meant to be a compilation Season jumps around, exploring many concepts from funk, lounge-hop, and more modern aggressive production styles. Check out the album below and download it here.


“In Da Club”
“Remember Me”
“Mexican Coke”
“Solo Dojo”



-Rob Leonard

Legal Free: Indie/Punk/Pop – Night Manager ‘/​/​/​/​/​/​/’

/////// cover artJust throw me in with the rest of the world.. yea I can’t stop looking for female fronted bands. Is it gender guilt? Maybe. But probably not because girls rool and so does all the great music coming out right now with the exception of Perfect Pussy, they aren’t that good, just a name. Night Manager, now defunct and rationed out to other projects like Blood Sister and Butter the Children, hashed out some great material early on. Keywords early on. Night Manager’s /​/​/​/​/​/​/, happens to be the essence of the earlier days. It’s pure simplicity, gainey vocals, and use of haze will make you love this project. No need to look much beyond this record though, they created Pizza Pasta which houses one of the bands better tracks, “Pizza Pasta” and a failed experiment in “Air Jordan” although the demo version is pretty solid. Once Night Manager moved away from low fi-surf-pop-punk they started to experiment with more hi fidelity recordings and the vocal stood out horribly as it contrasted heavily to previous works. So before my ramblings defeat your mood, check out /​/​/​/​/​/​/ below or download it here. 


“Wolf Pyramid”
“Do I”




-Rob Leonard