Hopscotch CODA: From the Lens

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Hopscotch: Day 2



We were in a coffee shop earlier today. Hardly recognizable within the collage of freshman-year-graphic-design band fliers was an event schedule for the month of September.  Wednesday, September 8th read: “Hopscotch: Mental Preparation Day.” I hope it was enough to brace the employees for the onslaught of hipsters (and awesome).  Continue reading

New Music: Electronic – Tycho “Montana”

Best New Track

Tycho has released a new single from his fourth upcoming studio release, Awake. “Montana”, is in the vein of earlier Tycho works, leading to why I believe that he is one of the most consistent artists in electronic music. Tycho knows what he likes and knows what he is good at, so there isn’t much need to delineate. The track is a solid 5 and a half minutes of undulated expressions and amorphous textures, the one thing that’s different about “Montana” from previous works is that it plays closer to a rock…well a post-rock song, not saying we haven’t heard Hansen rock out before, its just his material is usually a lot prettier than rhythmic. Check it out below.



-RL, Can I May I