Album Review: Nicolas Jaar ‘Pomegranates OST’

Nicolas Jaar Pomegranates OST
(Other People – February 22, 2015)
(Original Sound Track)

Nicolas Jaar’s newest release is an updated score to Sergei Parajanov’s 1969 Armenian Soviet-era avant-garde film, The Colour of Pomegranates. Jaar’s latest falls in line with his self-described “blue-wave” style and incorporates some musique concrète elements of what sounds like rough samples of traditional Armenian music. Stand out tracks such as “Screams at the Edge of Dawn” and “The Fool and His Harem” are much more accessible than one might presume from a re-imagining of a 40 year old soundtrack. Jaar’s release, titled simply Pomegranates, bears his distinct mark and will sound familiar to any listener who has kept up with his output since Space is Only Noise. Really though, the biggest difference between Pomegranates and Space is Only Noise is that here, Jaar is working within someone else’s narrative structure. Pomegranates manages the subtle balancing act of being an engrossing listen on its own while excellently servicing the flow of images in the film. Continue reading