The Newer Flesh: Purity Ring’s another eternity


(4AD, released March 3rd, 2015)

Reviewed by Rob Bockman

It’s a crowded field out there for an electronic pop act: there’s enough chillwave out there to drown a thousand seaside villages, enough house, garage, and bedroom electro to populate a neighborhood. For Canadian duo Purity Ring, though, it’s a playground—their concerts are as much artistic events as showcases for dreamy, dark chamber pop. In another eternity, the follow-up to their superb 2012 Shrines, the band returns with a new album of pop songs for the post-Singularity, all packed with shiny and warped beats for machines and lyrics that outright mock the fragility of flesh, but it fails to find purchase to match their grand ideas. Continue reading


Album Review: Screaming Females ‘Rose Mountain’


 (Don Giovanni, released Feb. 24th, 2015)

Reviewed by Rob Bockman

In their close-to-a-decade career, Screaming Females have always had a propulsive pop-adjacent sound to them (c.f. “Expire”) that provides a melodic undercurrent to their brand of throaty rock; in Rose Mountain, they embrace 4/4 regularity and generous harmony with aplomb. Suitably, as implied by the album’s title, the results are both flowery as a garden and solid as all hell.

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