Interview: Keath Mead – Charming Authenticity and Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Persons of Dialogue:
Keath Mead: Musical Prodigy
Lucas Amick: Wannabe Journalist

The timid yet genuine nature of Keath Mead’s “Sunday Dinner” transcends the audio files. In person his soft spoken authenticity can only be described as disarming. The morning following his Friday night Tir Na Nog performance, we shot the shit in the pool room of a Raleigh bar. It was an absolute pleasure discussing an array of topics with him as he leaned against a pool table sipping a beer.

LA: In all sense of the matter we are going to avoid any talk regarding waves of chill.

KM: Haha, alright – sounds good.

LA: We’re going to play a game of true/false. Spotify tells me that you were inspired to become a musician by the Beatles film Hard Day’s Night. Continue reading


Album Review: Keath Mead “Sunday Dinner”

Keath Mead - Sunday DinnerKeath Mead Sunday Dinner
(Company Records – February 24, 2015)
(Folk, Indie, Singer/Songwriter)

We live in an age of nostalgia. Everyone and their mother participates in the practice of throwback Thursdays, and decade referencing decadence runs rampant across all forms of digital media. Music is not inoculated from this rose-colored wistfulness. You can trace the current of retro-futurism through aural bloodlines that run from garage-rock cultists straight through to Soulquarian acolytes. Nostalgia is a worn sweater handed down from your grandparents, to your parents, to you, and every generation wears that garb with varied aplomb.

Keath Mead, in particular, wears it quite well on his debut album, Sunday Dinner. Continue reading