Hopscotch: Day 2



We were in a coffee shop earlier today. Hardly recognizable within the collage of freshman-year-graphic-design band fliers was an event schedule for the month of September.  Wednesday, September 8th read: “Hopscotch: Mental Preparation Day.” I hope it was enough to brace the employees for the onslaught of hipsters (and awesome). 

The capital of North Carolina became a ghost town after ten o’clock last night. I guess that’s what happens when an entire populace disperses to one of six or seven music venues. Walking down an empty business street becomes unsettling when you are only accompanied by your reflection in shop windows. That’s when the faint sound of damn good music escapes through the venue doors and drifts down the street to comfort you. Follow the sound and you’ll eventually be treated to one of the numerous gems hopscotch has to offer.


So…. Chapel Hill is a lot further from Raleigh than I anticipated,  luckily any lateness to Hopscotch was negated by the ensuing rain – our luck would carry us to the last half of Ought’s set. Ought performed for a growing crowd and put on a great show but definitely would of been more suited for an intimate setting. It was only the first show of the night, and things advanced into a much more interesting realm as the night went on. Keath Mead, a soft sung but immaculate songsmith, performed at Tir Na Nog to a small, intimate crowd. Although not with a full band his acoustic set paired back the production effort of Chaz and laid bare the true meaning behind each of his songs. Unfortunately – and this is just off the top my head – I couldn’t help the feeling that this guy should be getting much more credit than he was getting. Something tells me he doesn’t mind too much — maybe its the earnestness. Mammifer would’ve been a solid follow up but unfortunately I am horrible at reading maps and ended up missing the show – from there we moved onto Acid Chaperone. Honestly, Acid’s lack of only presence makes it easy to not garner any preconceived notions of the band itself – fantastically mixed, AC carried through with a well executed show and packed Deep South to the brim, nothing was left on the stage.




Morbids followed shortly after and performed steadily but too be honest I paid attention mostly to the drummer – dude killed it but I blame my lack of enthusiasm on a shitty mix. And for the peak but subsequently the end of the night, Jenny Hval performed in avant garde/theatric fashion – incorporated into the spacial and disjointed performance Jenny employed two visual performers that were tasked with bringing the angst and oppression within Hval’s music to the forefront. Jenny spend the majority of the first song on a yoga ball, waining back and forth in uncomfortable fashion. Supported by electronics only, Jenny charmed the crowd with her suprisingly well bound humor and finished the night with her single, “That Battle is Over,” which too be honest is the reason everyone was there <- this statement is meant in the least negative fashion possible.


Disclaimer: Lucas Amick is drinking a super fine herbal tea in the above picture, it looks good on him.

Tonights Sightings:

Tycho – City Plaza – 7:15
TV on the Radio – City Plaza – 8:45
Lost Trail – The Hive – 9:00
SMLH – Tir Na Nog – 9:30
Secret Boyfriend – The Hive – 10:00
Leapling – Tir Na Nog – 10:30
Big Ups – Deep South – Midnight




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