Hopscotch: Day 1

Good music, good vibes, and good friends: checking off the essentials for a solid road trip was a breeze for the three of us. Hopscotch loomed a few hundred miles in whichever direction as Death Cab’s Transatlanticism carried us through our transition between the Carolinas. The eclectic value of our eccentricities made three hours feel like three minutes. One look out the passenger seat window and there it was: The Raleigh skyline, teasing memories and inevitable nostalgia with building façades spanning an entire spectrum of colors. The tease was short lived, my view distracted by the aggressive driving of an overly enthusiastic editor. What followed was our second brush with death on the road.

I had to wait a few seconds to regain my composure after nearly becoming one with the rear end of a garbage truck.  Gently we merged into the next lane to avoid further catastrophe; menacing glances were exchanged between drivers and our trek resumed without further interruption. We were welcomed by the exuberant hospitality of roommate twenty-somethings in Chapel Hill – the very same Chapel Hill which manifested the largest musical explosion of the south east in the 90’s. The home Archers of Loaf and Superchunk could not have been a more appropriate base of operation for the night: Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan would be performing at seven. Coupled with Ought a few hours prior, Battles a few hours after, and opening night could only be surmised as stellar.

If this is only the beginning, I have but one proclamation: Bring it on Hopscotch, I’m ready for you.

Tonight’s Sightings: 

Ought – City Plaza
Keath Mead – Tir Na Nog
Mac McCaughan – Lincoln Theatre
Acid Chaperone – Deep South
Morbids – Deep South
Mammifer – Kennedy Theatre
Jenny Hval – Kings Barcade
Battles – Lincoln Theatre


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