Album Review: Un Blonde, “Water The Next Day”

Un Blonde Water The Next Day
(Egg Paper Factory – April 21, 2015)
(R&B, Experimental, Devotional)
Review by Rob Leonard

Un Blonde is Jean-Sebastien Audet, a musician with many leanings and a propensity towards deconstructing familiar sounds to their most abstract form. His tastes and influences vary from the post punk work of Faux Fur to Zouk Fuck’s hip/hop and the jangly rock n roll of The You Are Minez. Audet spends the majority of his time, at least recently, on tunes for his Un Blonde moniker – Un Blonde in retrospect has engagingly transformed in a short period of time, elaborating on the B-Side/Auxiliary sounds created by Audet during the recording of 2014’s Tenent. Tenent is in contrast a constructed odyssey that is Un Blonde’s version of straight forward, taking elements from Talking Heads and the much more recent Body Parts On Purpose EP. 

Water The Next Day is culmination of years of practice, it is concrete as well as hollow. On Water Audet jumbles minimal aspects of avant garde jazz with D’Angelo vibes. Opener, “Your First Step” initiates with epic soundscape but quickly looses it’s fullness as it embraces space. The most human element of the track is disjointed and unpolished, falling away from what’s typically expected of a vocal.


Most of the album is comprised of offshoots that embody an almost out take quality woven between instrumental soundscapes and tracks that focus more on vocal play as opposed to the audible nature of constructed statements, most notably on “True” “Always”, and “Glow of this Morning” – but within the mass sense of mystery, tracks “Look,” “Reliance On You,” and “The Same For You” cut through and provide some sense of recognizable and attainable sound (not that the unrecognizable elements have no merit). “You oughta look” repeats throughout “Look” and projects through the abundance of smooshed and warped lyricism that fits in unison over the perfectly placed synth lead. Deconstructed and disjointed Water The Next Day explores much needed experimentation in R&B and soul.




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