Album Review: Turbo Fruits, ‘No Control’


Turbo Fruits No Control
(Melvin Records – April 21, 2015)
(Alternative, Indie, Rock)
Review by Luke Amick

Grab your favorite swim suit and most expensive pair of Ray-Bans, Turbo Fruits, No Control is the perfect soundtrack for your inevitable beach exodus in the coming weeks. To keep the beach motif going, I would like to take this time to make a comparison the likes of criticism has yet to see: No Control is the complete opposite of the morbidly obese, balding man lotioning himself with sunscreen in front of your children. In other words, No Control is nothing but pleasant.

Bubblegum never tasted this good. The quartet’s tenacity for pop inspired indie gets a healthy dose of punk ethos, and the resulting concoction is as delicious and concentrated as a well-made fruit smoothie. If “Show me something real” doesn’t set the tongue-and-cheek factor to dangerous enough levels for you, the devilishly catchy bass line of “Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart” should provide enough fromage to get you there. “Favorite Girl” is an unexpected coup de grâce, completely obliterating all suspicions of the band’s song writing prowess. I am refraining from hyperbole when I say that it’s the most infectious song of 2015. The drums are as relentless as they are eargasmic (yes, that is an orgasm in your ears), and the chorus… oh god it’s sublime. With such a feat, one would imagine that track five wouldn’t be able to recuperate from its explosive predecessor, but “Need to Know” keeps the momentum going with pulsating energy. That momentum drives the album until the final two tracks “Worry About You” and “Big Brother,” two somber diatribes, set apart from the established care-free spirit of the album. Rest assured these are far from downers: they simply give credence to Jonas Stein’s lyrics, which have more depth than the upbeat instrumentals would lead you to believe.

I could ramble on, but that would be counterintuitive to my intention of keeping everything short and sweet — paralleling the album itself. No Control clocks in at a little more than half an hour, meaning it may only supplement a small portion of your road trip to Myrtle Beach. However, I predict that your initial enjoyment will prompt a repeat listens for years to come.


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