Album Review: Adventures “Supersonic Home”

supersonic-home-adventuresAdventures Supersonic Home
(Run For Cover Records – February 17, 2015)
(Rock, Alternative)

I’m an odd man out in my appreciation for simplicity, the “do-it-yourself, who gives a damn” ethos of indie rock. An album dropped now-a-days without experimentation or a song over five minutes is deemed infantile and detrimental to the progression of music as an art by posers and pros alike. I know, I’m making myself out to be an uncultured prat — a child in an art museum with more appreciation for the boogers in my nose than the original Pollock before my eyes — but this stigma has yielded a depression of what made the 90’s so great. Many are trading in their energy for sorrow, their guitars for synthesizers. Searching for music has become a nightmare, to say the least. As I traversed the metaphoric neighborhood of mundane and monotonous, I became elated once I discovered the juxtaposed and bombastic Supersonic Home.

Through an ironic twist, Adventure’s rehash of radio friendly alternative has become a breath of fresh air into an assimilated music scene. Their debut (via Run For Cover Records) is filled to the brim with dueling vocals, infectiously catchy hooks and a gargantuan sound that remains consistent through the final track’s fade out. “Dream-Blue-Haze” is with out a doubt my favorite song this year (so far), kicking ass and taking names later. The opening track tosses you into the pit, leaving you to fend for yourself. Following is the euphoric single “Heavenly.” Lead singer Reba Myers asks us to “…be Heavenly / Have the patience to wait with me” — the shy tremor in her voice and building comfort of the instrumentals make us more than happy to oblige. Your head will involuntary bob as the opening chords of “Your Sweetness” dance through your eardrums into your subconscious – a background hum for your daytime whistling.

Other standout tracks include “Absolution,” “Warmth Required” and “Tension,” the former acting as a therapeutic explosion of repressed desires for recognition; the latter serving as a more calm approach to the idea of picturesque love as opposed to true love: (I only wanted you for the tension / too thick to see her through / I only wanted you). The title track closes everything out, and rather than taking the obvious route — you know, a cathartic limp towards the end — “Supersonic Home” sprints, pulsating energy its entire journey to the finish line.

I once held a strong contempt for Run to Cover Records. It was they who subjected me to the tedium that was Cloakroom’s Outta Spite. However, the 40 plus minutes I wasted on that garbage has been nullified by the hours I’ve spent listening to Supersonic Home from start to finish over and over again. All is forgiven. I assure you, Adventures will be accompanying me on several of my own adventures to come. Whether it be a trip to Charleston or a trip to the grocery store, Supersonic Home will blare from my speakers — windows down, of course — for many weeks to come. I encourage each and everyone of you to share this experience with me. For the love of god people, show it some love and prevent this immaculate inception from becoming a swan song (what, did I go overboard with the Jesus metaphor?).


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