Album Review: Ghost Culture ‘S/T’

If you can imagine a high speed chase of the digital realm – the authorities being almost too easily eluded by a brash mid 20’s hacker who is all to brazenly confident in his abilities. Ghost Control’s latest self-titled release would be woven throughout, super inflating cinematic details, as well as, the plots imagery. This is all hypothetically speaking of course. Ghost Control’s S/T is a dark synth-scape with brooding bass sounds and hovering melodic pieces that sit well above the mix resonating a lighthearted optimism while everything waits beneath in numbing turmoil.

Ghost Culture can be recognized as a solid and self worthy release but it would be a disservice not mentioning the unavoidable influences that pepper and garnish each and every track, adding or taking away from the overall flavor. The forty three minute and fifty six second release is a culmination of concepts by artists such as Simian Mobile Disco, The XX, Depeche Mode, NIN, Baths, and the looming presence of Damon Albarn on every British release since the inception of Blur.

The pulse and groove are luckily not sterile and are humbled by added human elements in, “How,””Glaciers,” and “The Fog.” At the midway point of “Glass” the song unsubtly takes on New Order and 90’s era NIN and then sacrifices any attempt at replication to the hip/hop gods as the beat combs out the kinks.

Sonic changes throughout the album give the appearance of two part songs; a bargain perhaps. The work is cohesive, at times a bit too transparent in regards to influence, but definitely worth a second listen.

Ghost Culture is English based producer James Greenwood. Ghost Culture is out now via Phantasy.




-Rob Leonard


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