Review: Indie/French Pop – Sabina ‘Toujours’


Sabina Toujours

Rating: 4.8/5

Precocious in nature and ostensibly French pop, Sabina’s Toujours takes elements from modern and aged genres to create an affirmable work of art. This distinctive style, a more expressive and cohesive form of pop, has a history of generating works that stylistically rely on the direct incorporation of culminated modern music. This sentiment is easily referenced by artists Claudine Longet and Camille, as well as Sabina’s Toujours. Sentiment and sentiment alone is where Sabina breaks comparison. Sabina is set apart by her artistic intention, influences, and control.

The songwriting style reflected on Toujours is refined but youthful, intelligent but not unattainable. The combination of modern revival genres psych, krautrock, and rock n roll with more aged references in jazz and lounge would create a challenge for anyone but Sabina’s cultural experience tackles the task with ease. Lower the gain on each instrument track, superimpose the vocal, and then send it through the obligatory vintage filter and you have an overly simplified version for which Toujours was created and I doubt could be easily duplicated.

The multilingual ability of Sabina Sciubba is represented by her ability to flow between Deutsch, French, Italian, and English. It is undeniably impressive and a testament to the influence of her many addresses while living abroad and the multicultural upbringing via her parents.

Sabina is able to exercise respectable control and fill the pocket of sound with tight transitions and modern soundscapes. She cultivates all of her influence into impressive backdrops that highlight her ability as a musician and even further as a storyteller. Unlike the doe eyed women mentioned earlier, Sabina is the one calling the shots fearlessly weaving in and out of music and life.

Notable Tracklist:
“Viva L’Amour”
“Long Distance Love”
“Non Mi Aspetarre”
“Sailor’s Daughter”
“Won’t Let You Break Me”
“Going Home”

-RL, Can I May I

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