Beats! We Want The Deets


Beats Electronics’ released their much-anticipated music streaming service, Beats Music, in January.  With so many sources for users to stream music already available across the web; what makes Beats the more attractive option?  One of their various promoted features include playlists from some big name musicians and respected media outlets (Usher, Vampire Weekend, Pitchfork and plenty others).  At the end of it all though, that really is the only noticeable difference.  Beats truely does not offer many more artists or songs titles than Spotify and iTunes.  With the instant information society we live in consumers want details about artists or links to possible collaborations and other endeavors to keep them interested.  Hopefully they will figure it out eventually but until then we are left having to go around our elbows to get to our deets.

– JM, Can I May I


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