New Music: Indie/Experimental – Hundred Waters “Down from the Rafters”

Ok, not to be that guy but to be totally honest, I remember seeing Hundred Water’s back when they where just garnering recognition in Gainesville and finally caught a break opening for Tycho at Crowbar in Tampa. I had followed them well before any major had any clue who they were or before Skrillex could get his meaty paws on them (probably the only thing I respect him for). From shrilling orchestrations and tastefully incorporated electronics to the soft melodic voice of Nicole Miglis, I had a strong intuition that there was not much holding this band back. Now after a few successful web sessions that more than made their debut 2012 debut album obsolete, they are finally ready to start putting material together that will do justice to their very intricate life performance. Check out the new track by Hundred Waters that is slow moving and ethereal.

-RL, Can I May I


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