New Music: Rap – Flatbush Zombies “LiT” from upcoming EP ‘It’s All a Matter of Perspective’

Flatbush Zombies new release is carried by the beat work of The Architect but overall the track is a carryover from the second half of BetterOffDead. I get it hip/hop and rap in it’s modern shape is all about how many blunts you can burn and yadda yadda yadda, it’s what launched the careers of whack rappers Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky. But where Wiz and A$AP collide is there direct inability to think outside of the weed context and actually create something exemplifying lyrical prowess. FBZ has always used drug references and anger in their lyrics but they also proven the ability to transcend the bubblegum-ditz of the two former mentioned artists, with lyrics like “Not to televise reality, your dreams are falsified, Now you pivot on your wish to be wise as third eye…”, from the track “Club Soda.” Now I have been following these guys for awhile and I’ll be the first to criticize them because I am aware of their talent. And just like the blonde neuroscientist sells her self short to be accepted, Flatbush is throwing away good lyrics to fit in with the kids they look up to. Hopefully the EP is better than this track and doesn’t do a disservice to the production work of Erick Arc Elliott or any other collaborators.

-RL, Can I May I


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