Weeklyst – Other Worlds


Weeklyst, is a weekly featured playlist that is set to a theme. This week’s theme is ‘Other Worlds’, the playlist is curated around the idea of songs that allude to places other than the relative ‘here’ or songs that sound as if they could be from another planet.

Listen below from our Youtube stream.

1. The Beatles – Good Morning, Good Morning
2. Bright Eyes – We are Nowhere and it’s Now
3. Modest Mouse – Third Planet
4. Hieroglyphics – Miles to the Sun
5. David Bowie – Starman
6. Champagne, Champagne – STRFKRS
7. George Clinton – Atomic Dog
8. Shabazz Palaces – An Echo from the Hosts….
9. LCD Soundsystem – US vs. Them
10. Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock
11. Flying Saucer Attack – A Silent Tide
12. Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla

-Can I May I


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