Legal Free: Soul/R&B – “DOPE Mixtape” (side A) Presented by Wax Poetics and Bedford Box Office

This Tuesday’s Legal Free is tinged with up and coming Soul and R&B acts. Dope is a NYC concert series that showcases up and coming artists, and the curators of Dope pride their ability to prophesy the future of music. Listen below or download via the Wax Poetic SoundCloud.

Best Tracks:
“Cold Outside”- Ari Lennox and DJ Grumble  (for fans of Erykah Badu’s more popcentric work.)
“Late” – Raffinae Keyes  (belts it out like Rihanna but grooves reminiscent of TLC and Salt n Pepa.)
“Detached” Sonya  (just putting this right here… Aaliyah.)

Tracklist: (each link will take you to the track in SoundCloud)
“Cold Outside” Ari Lennox & DJ Grumble
“Remember When” Rebecca Jordan
“Cocaine” Van Hoorn
“Late” Raffinae Keyes
“Johnny’s Gun” White Gallery
“Detached” Sonya
“Drinking In The Day” Elise LeGrow

-RL, Can I May I


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