Using music, not comedy, for Super Bowl ads.

Every year it is stated by few that their reasons for watching the worldwide broadcasted Super Bowl involve solely around the advertisements. We have come to expect the best ads from the biggest brands, usually in the form of a comedy. So why have brands been struggling to find content that creates a lasting impression on the consumer?

Well all entertainment and art has the ability to unify and the ability to polarize. Comedy, has the ability to polarize as it conforms to aspects of society that are generational, regional, ethnic, or even educational. While music touts the same abilities, pop music genres have been melded and through formulaic means transcended mass polarization. Advertisement agencies have come to understand the dynamic of the world economy and in turn music, specifically pop music, can be used to attract the consumer in lieu of potentially neglecting a whole demographic due to a missed comedic reference. This year acts such as – U2, Bob Dylan, and One Republic, worked with ad agencies to provide unique advertisement experiences for the consumer. This story was inspired by a similar story at

Best Commercial – Stephen Colbert and Pistachios
‘Double’ or ‘extended’ commercials were trending this year.

-RL, Can I May I


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