Legal Free: Alternative Rock – Hello Ocho’s “Hello Ocho”

Hello Ocho’s 2013 S/T release is an extremely hard to categorize album, but stand out tracks like “Stickin to the Sheets”, “Song Gafe”, and “Whomp” are very suggestive of experimental alternative acts like Portugal. The Man and On An On. Hello Ocho cultivates their own brand of havoc by implementing arrangements that remind you of the conversations you’d have with an eight year old at the peak of a sugar high. This album is nothing short of audial water-boarding, via spacey psych textures reminding you that you could be sleeping but the hard pounding drums just.. won’t.. let you. Although I was very impressed by this album overall it does not present itself without flaw. The track, “Chili Cheese Connie” comes off a bit insipid when singer Chris Yonker experiments with parlor style vocals, and at times you feel as if the albums focus was not a top priority. Keep an eye out for these guys, as they will only improve, and check out the album below or visit Hello Ocho’s Bandcamp to download.

My Fave tracks:

“La Pachanga de la Noche”
“Party on a Raincloud”

-RL, Can I May I


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