We have a conference for that…. Videogame music, education, and of course nerds.

As children growing up we took videogame music for granted. But, how would you know that you were about to take on the inevitable ‘boss’ without the sudden abruptness of a shrilling minor key forcing you into a struggle to gain composure before the ‘big’ duel? Videogame music, especially recently, demands to be taken seriously. In a time of decline for music sales videogames have given the music industry a new and profitable outlet. Before I digress, the article discusses how videogame music is on par (creatively and talent wise) with sync music found in commercials and film, and it must be treated as so.

Just my opinion… the Super Mario aquatic level theme is totally genius, it makes you feel so comfortable before you are, undoubtedly, stung by a jellyfish. 🙂

Full Article Here


-RL, Can I May I


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