Can I May I’s Writer Picks and Honorable Mentions

Hey All,

2013 was a particularly fruitful year in music, so it was hard picking the absolute best music based solely on solid song writing. We decided to take originality and divergence of current trends into account. With only 50 spots to fill we felt a lot of other albums deserved to be recognized.

Many albums were omitted on other lists by other outlets simply because they did not meet current trends or didn’t adhere to the pop in art movement. Whereas, other albums found homes on lists by way of what can only be described as album reviewers living in the twilight zone. Music should not be defined by trends, catchiness, high energy, and/or sensationalism.

I’ll leave you with a quote that spoke volumes to myself and hopefully you. 🙂
“…if I instantly liked a record, I knew I wouldn’t like a record for long, whereas if I didn’t like a record when I first heard it I would probably end up loving it.” – St. Vincent (Annie Clark)

PS. For all you Yeezus lovers out there, I have an article explaining why the album did not impact me as musically as I would of liked. Just for the record: I do think it was an important and exceptional album. 

-RL, Can I May I


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