Strangely Satisfying Single …for the sake of alliteration.

Some would see understanding the potential of ideas in their infancy as a unique quality. I would be inclined to agree with the latter statement and as far as this zany four piece goes they could not have made the task any easier. As recently as a few months ago, I was fortunate having had the opportunity to peer behind the rough exterior of select premastered tracks from North Carolina band Octopus Jones’ upcoming release. As far as ole OJ goes, there have been a few line up changes over the past couple of years and I think they have a keeper in multi-instrumentalist Tyler Morris. Let me break this down for you. You know that dude? Yea the one with the ridiculous ups and nasty fade away that you pine for when your team goes 17-65 on the season, I liken that athlete to Mr. Morris. Now…now, Octopus Jones was well stacked with raw individual talent before the introduction of this Columbia, SC superstar but for Octopus Jones, I’d have to say that things are progressing nicely.

The new single “Strange Satisfaction” stands as a turning point for the band as they explore a darker sound, frothing with slower tempos, swampy rhythms, and an impressionable showing of dynamics and vocal range. Lastly and happily, I am at a loss for comparison as any allusion to other works would be a discredit to the growth that Octopus Jones is currently experiencing. Check out the track at the link below, let us know how you feel, let them know how you feel (maybe we could get these guys to provide us some Legal Free content!).

“Strange Satisfaction” is the new single from the upcoming release PHANTASMAGORIA out January 23, 2014 via self-release.



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